Heats up in the time it takes to grab your morning coffee

12 hours of relief = all-day comfort

100% drug-free.
Your body deserves better

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Heat patch for menstrual cramp relief

Award-winning menstrual cramp relief with no drugs, no side effects. Now yours to try for free, just pay shipping!

Heats up in the time it takes to grab your morning coffee

12 hours of relief = all-day comfort

100% drug-free.
Your body deserves better

  Designed to fit the curves of your body
  Odourless and discreet
  Convenient & easy to use
  Soft on skin

Iron, Activated carbon, Water, Salt, Vermiculite (mineral)

Step 1: Open the pack & paste patch on top of underwear
Step 2: Wait 5 minutes for the patch to heat up by itself
Step 3: After every hour, remove product for 5 minutes to let your skin rest

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Our promise

Activated by air, MenstruHeat kicks into action to emit heat within 5 minutes, and steadily warms up to provide effective relief in 12 minutes – or you get your money back.

Heats up in 5 minutes
Relief you can count on

Pain calls for the ultimate need for speed. Powered by our patent-pending RealHeat technology, our patches heat up in just 5 minutes. No more waiting around.

No more pink pills,
no side effects

Drug-free comfort

Your body deserves better, so here’s one less thing to worry about. Our air-activated patches contain a well-formulated mix of iron, carbon and salt to generate optimal heat – we keep things simple, safe, and effective.

Tried & tested

We’ve stripped things down to the basics, but amped up the science with optimised heat therapy that’s clinically-proven to relax uterine muscles when menstrual cramps take over.

All-day relief

Fast-heating and long-lasting, our patches are made to stay hot for up to 12 hours. Here’s to grab and go comfort that will keep you going all day.

Body friendly, for every body

There’s a reason why MenstruHeat has been making waves for years. Purposefully shaped, our patches flexibly contour to natural stomach curves for all-round comfort and even distribution where and when you need it the most.

Comfy as a cloud

Be on cloud nine, thanks to improved Japanese adhesive and super soft non-woven fabric. Our patches are gentle on your skin while holding strong when they need to.

Hear it from our customers

buy one, give one
Pass the relief

Join us in helping others who bleed.
For every purchase you make, we provide 12 hours of drug-free cramp relief to a cramper who needs it.

Customer Reviews

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Tiffany Lim
Lifesaver for cramps

My first sponsored MenstruHeat patch is actually from sister, 3 years ago. Because she had enough of me whining every.single.time I've period cramp.

What I like about @get.blood menstrual Cramp Relief is how convenient it is! It stays warm for up to 12 hours and you don't have to hold it like a hot water bag. I usually stick it onto my tucked-in shirt, so it will be snuggling warm.

Highly recommend it if you often experience period cramps, or your girlfriend has it! Imagine you give her this when she is having the cramp torture, she'll definitely look at you like this

Great as always.

Useful when period cramps hit.


Impressed with the super fast delivery! Been using this for a while to relief pain during menses.

Yet to try it!

Items came very quickly, have yet to try it but was told that it is very effective.

Received this within 2 days!

Yet to try but I believe it’s good. Can’t wait *.*