Blood Cup Kit
blood menstrual cup with silicone sanitising pouch and packaging
menstrual cup being held in a girl's hand
2 girls in a field holding a menstrual cup and sanitising pouch
woman sitting in front of a vanity mirror looking at a menstrual cup. sanitising pouch is on the table next to her.
a girl is sitting at a table using her laptop. there is a menstrual cup and sanitising pouch on the table.
a girl holds blood menstrual cup's packaging in her hands

Blood Cup Kit

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Customer Reviews

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I have been researching on menstrual cup for a few months and finally took the leap to purchase one cos I was so fed up with purchasing pad every month (mainly price wise). I feel totally nothing when inserted, I almost forgot that I was on my period. This is the best switch ever and I am never going back to the pad life!!
The 120 days free return was also very assuring. And the customer service was 💯 too.
Try it for yourself girls, no regrets!!!

Yani Siful

Coming from a conservative household which raised me to stay away from inserting anything into the V, it took me rather painful experiences to get it in… I’m sure it’s not the cups fault, certainly. Learning curve is steep, and lots of research has to be made beforehand and lots of patience and relaxation… I’ll need more time and effort to get used to this but I can’t wait to rock periods like a boss so my experiences aren’t letting me down! Hope to get my first good experience out of this!

Easy to use

I’ve had a good experience thus far, the instructions were detailed and helpful. However I did have trouble pulling out the cup and trying to loose the suction. Might need more practice with that

Good switch from tampons

The cup itself was good, but I didn't receive any cleansing tablets in the package that came. It does take getting used to inserting the cup, with various positions. But, all in all, it was a good switch from tampons and saving the earth as well.


It took me 2 days to learn insert & remove. I no longer using pad & love love love menstrual cup. Will get another 1 as a spare.